Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website - Printinverona

Here you can get information about our registered network of companies and our wide range ofactivities.

For more information or to request an offer for your products without obligation, please contact us at the addresses below.

Who we are

PrintinVerona's network of printing companies was born with the awareness of operating within a chain located in the Verona area of very ancient origins, for a long time with a notable national excellence, with around 10,000 employees and an international benchmark in the industry.

It is a supply chain characterized by the presence of an extended, coordinated and collaborative network of companies with different specializations that are able to satisfy a differentiated demand.

PrintinVerona wanted to develop a better collaboration between companies in order to offer a complete, reliable and efficient range of services for the graphic and printing sector.

Within the network, which has its heart in the quality of offset printing, we find:

- Publishing houses with text editing and book distribution.

- Prepress with image scanning and color correction of images.

- Graphics and layout.

- Offset printing with various printing machines in the B1 (70x100cm) format with one ten colors, one with eight colors, one with five colors and a four-color convertible 2 + 2; in the B2 (50x70cm) format with one five colors with coater printing machine.

- Digital printing with 3 professional machines in the A/3 plus format.

- The bookbinding specialized in soft and hardcover book production with round and square backs, stitched bookbinding, sewing bookbinding with cold adhesive and PUR, wire-o binding and various types of folding.

The PrintinVerona services offered are completed by the expertise skills and experience of the operators trained in facilities with over 40 years of activity and a surprising iconographic archive of publishing houses.

We also pride ourselves with a long experience of production and export to the main European and CSI countries with a team of technicians prepared to meet the specific needs of each market.


Via Ciro Ferrari, 5

37066 - Sommacampagna 

Verona - Italy

 Tel. +39 045 8580900 - email: sales@printinverona.it